Sunday, November 8, 2009

I get it "Animal Style"

In-n-Out Burger


An In-n-Out cheeseburger was one of the first things that I ate after being vegetarian for nearly a decade. Not living near an In-n-Out location leads Mr. VonShtupp and I to go kinda crazy when we are in California, Nevada or St. George Utah (there are in-n-outs in Arizona, too - but we don't go there).

Behold the 4X4. With onion. This behemoth is what my better half orders: four meat patties, four slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato and the opted-in onion, between two buns with sauce. It is glorious.

I'm all about the Double-Double "Animal Style". Double-Double is half of the 4x4, and "Animal Style" is an In-n-Out Burger **secret menu option. It means grilled onions, extra pickles and mustard. De-lish!

To top it off, we enjoy an order of fresh cut french fries and a milkshake (I'm a strawberry, he's a chocolate).

If you've never been to an In-n-Out Burger, you should really get to one. Located all over California, in parts of Arizona, in Las Vegas and Reno areas, and now in St. George Utah. This is a family owned chain of restaurants. They do not franchise. The food is fresh, the employees taken care of, and the locations are clean (and always packed). Not to mention that a 4x4, dbl-dbl, fries and shakes cost less than $15. Yep. Awesome.

**Link to In-n-Out Burger Secret Menu.


HSG said...

Why did you stop being a veg?

Leigh Ann Dufurrena said...

There are many answers to that, and the simplest is "for a guy" - who is (12 years later) my husband. I became vegetarian at age 12, mostly for animal rights issues, and to escape my mom's unhealthy cooking.

After meeting my now husband (his family is Basque, and ranchers) I was able to learn about a way of life that I discounted as cruel and unnecessary. I never really cared about the heritage, culture, and survivalism of cowboys/ranchers before - and caring they are for the livestock.

I still eat like a vegetarian, only eating red meat maybe twice a week. I still have issues with the way chickens are "processed" for consumption, and won't eat chicken in protest. I eat lots of fish, and I like it raw.

A juicy lamb grinder from Bar Gernika just hits the spot sometimes.

HSG said...

Cool, thanks for the response!

I've been veg for a couple years now because of animal cruelty. However, I will eat the occasional wild red meat or pasture fed maybe once every month or so.

How do you discern if the meat is cruelty-free? I think I would eat it more if I could find a reliable source.

Lili Von Shtupp said...

Raise the animal yourself, or buy from a well known farm, I suppose.

But cruelty-free doesn't really exist, considering that death for consumption is is ultimately the cruelest.

The Smith Family said...

I must say I was surpised to see the hambuger and you expressing your love for IN-and- out. I share such a love...
I seem to remember a young girl eating reese cup after reese cup during a vacation to get her "protein"....

Sean said...

I too love the In and Out. And love meat.