Sunday, March 15, 2009

CupCakeCamp to Benefit TrICA

I am very excited to announce that the borrowed "Cup Cake Camp" concept (originally of Ariel Waldman and team in San Francisco: is resurfacing in Boise Idaho to benefit TrICA (Treasure Valley Institue for Children's Arts,

Boise's creative company of cupcake coordinators have been working on ideas to incorporate CupCakeCamp to benefit cupcake lovers and TrICA. Boise will celebrate it's first ever Cup Cake Camp and Cup Cake Collective on August 15th 2009, 11-2pm at The Linen Building.

Everyone (individuals, families, businesses, and organizations) will be welcomed to submit cupcakes to the Cup Cake Collective, and everyone is invited to eat the tasty treats, and submit a vote for their favorite cupcake! Cup Cake Collective will feature cupcakes to be judged and eaten, an awards ceremony, live music, performances and fun!

Cup Cake Camp is a children’s culinary art class focused on the baking and decorating of cupcakes. Kitchen etiquette and safety will also be taught. A local celebrity chef will head each class with an assistant. Cup Cake Campers will have the opportunity to include their cupcake creations at Cup Cake Collective (a cup cake celebration and contest among Boise’s cup cake comrades). Cup Cake Camp will be held in three sessions (approximately 15 students per class) according to age on August 14th 2009. Cup Cake Collective is scheduled for the following day.