Monday, October 26, 2009

4th Annual Boise Zombie Walk

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

This was my fourth time to walk amongst Boise's undead. There were about 100 zombies in attendance this year, most of which turned the Zombie Walk into a spooky marathon of sorts. The course was undefined, and the leaders of the pack were the most nimble zombies I've ever come across.

We all had a great time! Kudos to Levi Johnson - this year's Zombie Walk coordinator; he did a stellar job!

Above are photos of our perspective of the Zombie Walk, it was too dark to take photos with my iPhone, so this is what Jenny and I were able to shoot.
You'll see two "Tea Bagger" zombies, that's Whitney and Wendy - one "Organic Farmer" zombie, played by Seth, Jenny as a sexy librarian zombie, myself as "Sister Underwood" aka Mormon Zombie, and a random photo of the Hello Kitty who joined the Zombie Walk.

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