Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mormon Crickets Are The REAL Terrorists!

Mormon Crickets: the sight of these little bastards is nearly as bothersome as the name. Turns out they are actually katydids, not crickets. As seen in this photo taken from my car, they often travel in swarms. Swarms so large (100 crickets per square meter) that when squished between car tires and road they can make a vehicle slide. That's right, hydroplaning from bug guts.

Another unpleasant fact about Mormon Crickets is that swarming is caused by cannibalistic behavior. They have to keep moving forward from getting bitten from behind. The infestation of swarming Mormon Crickets is chemically controlled in populated areas, or areas with crops. This photo was taken in the Owyhee Mountain Range of Northern Nevada, a desolate but beautiful area.

The title "Mormon Cricket" was given to the pests in the 19th century. Pioneering Mormons were said to have been saved by the seagulls that ate the insects that were known to destroy their crops causing famine. The seagulls migrated from California to the desert area of Utah to feast on the crickets, and thus the California Seagull is Utah's state bird.

Like their namesake, Mormon Crickets are reported to dislike hard rock music. According to farmers and townsfolk dealing with Mormon Cricket infestation, the insects are deterred by loud hard rock music playing from stereo systems and boom boxes. Seems to me that Mountain City, Nevada should consider some Twisted Sister.

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Wendie Gone Feral said...

Oh eff! GROSS! They're heeeeere! hahahah! Twisted Sister, I LOVE it! Really? California Seagull is Utah's state bird? That's effed up.